A Response to Kids, Kids…and More Kids? For Real?

Recently, on one of the blogs I follow, the author addressed a post from still another blog. The two are of opposing views, so I–out of fairness to the other person–went and read the original post that sparked the controversy. I have re-posted the full text of a comment on the original post. 

The comment you are about to read was written by Erika Shupe, a happily-married mother of nine children who lives with her husband in Skagit Valley, Washington.

Erika wrote in response to a question the original post’s author asked in the course of her article. Quote: “That’s just my theory. What do I know?”

 And here is her masterfully written answer, produced verbatim:

“Answer: Not nearly enough, you should have read more.

As for all your other preconceived notions and hysterical criticisms about global food shortages etc. you should be far more worried about the global elite and radical leftists who are having no children at all. The next generation will be completely void of anyone who thinks like you because, well, the way you think about children. I guess any food problem that may be coming will correct itself and the fittest will survive.

As for cost of children and extra activities, naturally getting private lessons from a Julliard grad is beyond our budget. However, our oldest children play and take violin lessons from a local college student who plays first chair in the local symphony. We are expanding our children’s education while simultaneously supporting a local student. Not bad for a small minded bunch of religious zealots who don’t know any better than to have a bunch of kids. Oh, and our oldest are also teaching themselves to play the piano in their spare time. It is true, we do not elect to spend time getting involved in competitive sports or other such things but then we don’t have any misconceptions about their professional aspirations or college scholarships. On the other hand, all of our children read, write, speak, compute and reason well beyond their years and counterparts at the local public or private professional school. Luckily for you, when those children are sitting on their couches playing video games and watching the latest rendition of American Idol my children could be working in the local hospital saving lives or bringing them into the world. Maybe they will be a college professor or engineer or some other professional filling a societal need that will not….. can not be filled by this generations entertainment focused, under-educated, lacking any form of discipline waiting for someone to make them rich quick children. And the great thing is that because our children also receive a Biblical religious upbringing they will do all of this with a smile, a loving heart and likely with little or no thanks. Oh, and if they take on the highest calling there is for a human being on this glorious creation we call Earth, they will have families of their own of any size and experience the same heart swelling blessings that we have had and continue to have.

Johannah, we have never set out to form a tribe with friends or our children. It is true, we don’t spend enormous amounts of time with people who don’t think/believe like we do but that is primarily because they oppose it. If more people who think like you and the author do spent a little (more) time with people like us you might think differently than you do. For example, if your primary experience with children is with your one sibling or families at the local mall with their one or two children who cannot help but to be spoiled and self-centered than your view is very, very skewed. If there is one benefit to having a larger family it is in fact that they have better social skills and are far better “adjusted” than other children their age and sometimes four times their age. I have seen a great many people in the grocery check-out line who lack the level of skill with human interaction that our four year old has. Perhaps you are one who worries about socialization of children. We also share this worry. In fact we are very worried about socialization which is why we homeschool our children.

Perhaps my comment here is an over-reaction to a pot-shot of a blog post but you mentioned www.LargeFamiliesOnPurpose.com as an example of backwards, ill-informed and globally dangerous people and that had to be addressed. ”

As the oldest of nine children, I was more than a little pleased to see this comment in defense of large families from yet another individual who is part of a large family. And for those of you who are from smaller families, as Erika said above, I would encourage you to read more.You may very well learn something about large families.

Wouldn’t that be a novel thing?

First of nine,


Links to original articles/comments:

Go here to read the original article which started the controversy.

The comments which follow are much more informative/interesting than the article itself, but to be fair, I suggest reading the full text. Warning: there are a couple choice words included in said article.

Also, I would like to suggest that you check out this blog, where I first heard about the above-mentioned article. thegardengoatquote is a blog written by yet another mother of nine, and she has some very interesting thoughts concerning this article.

Happy Reading, Folks!


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