You Give It to Biden? Really Now…

Yes, I know that everyone has been venting copiously on every major social network about politics…but may I join in and add my two cents worth? I recently read a post about the Vice-Presidential debate, and the tone was just sarcastic enough, and illogical enough, to motivate me to respond at length. I strongly recommend that you go here to read the original post:

The smile in question:


Below is my response:

“You give it to Biden? You had already made up your mind to vote…I have to maintain that’s probably why. Ryan may have ‘…seemed more nervous and less rehearsed…’ but, then again, you don’t have to rehearse arrogance and rudeness. Especially not when you’re Joe Biden. Those things come naturally to him. He is much different than Obama. Obama is smart enough that he actually scares me, because he really believes the things he says, and he has been working hard since day one in office to create and pass legislation that conforms this wonderful REPUBLIC to his socialist ideals. He is, as I say, smart enough to scare me.

Biden, on the other hand, is a man who never seems to know where he is and what he’s saying, but he means ‘every word he says.’ I guess that means he meant it when he said that the Republicans want to put the African American population ‘back in chains.’ What, pray tell, is the welfare system if it is not government-subsidized slavery? It is dependence on the government for EVERYTHING, and it is a preview of what the entire country will become under a socialistic government. Socialism causes everyone, rich and poor alike, to become poorer. Socialism removes the incentive to work hard in order to succeed, create wealth, and create jobs. Socialism is doomed to fail because it is a flawed system run by flawed human beings, whether they be smarter than the ‘plebeian class’ (as they certainly claim to be) or no. Socialism is a double-negative-sum game, because neither the man who has the product of his work taken, nor the one to whom it is given, wins.

Government has never created wealth; indeed, it cannot create wealth. Government can only take wealth that someone else has created and give it to another. In the private sector, if I take $50 of your money and give it to someone in need, I am stealing from you, an offense punishable by law. If, however, I use the tax code and government offices to take the same $50 from your pocket and give it to someone else, regardless of their need or lack thereof, I am hailed as a good man and a hero, when in fact I am neither. I am still a common crook…except that now, I work for the government, so it’s nice and legal.

While your post seems to have the semblance of half-way serious thought applied to the creation process, I am sorely disappointed by your evaluation and conclusions. Biden did not, as you so succinctly put it, come across as the angry populist unless one had already been predisposed to vote for him. Rather, he came across (to undecided voters) as angry, malicious, rude, arrogant, condescending, and spiteful. He resorted far too often to attacking his opponent’s character rather than using facts to discredit his points. This is a serious logical flaw known as ‘argumentum ad hominem.’ Also, anyone who cuts someone off in mid-sentence, rather than waiting for him to have his say and then actually DEBATING him on the merits of his points (however far off-base those points may be in one’s opinion), must not expect intelligent people to react with anything other than disgust and revulsion. Why, you may ask? Because intelligent people dislike being treated as though they are incapable of thinking a matter through for themselves.

The object of each side in a debate is not to seek to discredit the other side based on character, nor is the object to see which side can get in the most pointed, witty jabs in the time given; rather, the job of each side is to present the evidence for their side of the argument and leave the decision of who is right to the AUDIENCE. However, in the culture in which we now live, the Democrats cannot do this, because history is replete with instances where the policies they endorse have done more harm than good to a number of countries’ economies. Open a history book written from an objective point of view (and believe me, they are out there), and you will see instance after instance of socialism being the beginning of the slow decline of such various mighty empires as the Roman Empire, the Byzantine Empire, the British Empire, and now (I fear) the ‘American Empire.’

While this post may never see the light of day beyond the eyes of the moderator, it was necessary , in my opinion, that I respond and at least bring these points to your attention, in order that you might possibly be willing to incorporate more logical thinking into your future posts. I enjoyed reading your post, don’t get me wrong…but don’t expect me to take you seriously, either.

The Southern Voice Writer”

While I do not claim perfect objectivity or knowledge, I am at least willing to admit that I don’t know everything and listen to those who may have something to teach me. I also strive to be willing to give opposing points of view a hearing before debating the merits of the points raised by the person representing the other side. The recent debate reminds me strongly of a verse in Proverbs 29:9 (KJV), “If a wise man contendeth with a foolish man, whether he rage or laugh, there is no rest.” It was obvious from the start that Biden’s goal was to keep Ryan from presenting the hard numbers and facts that discredited almost every major initiative of Obama’s first four years, and he (Biden) used whatever means necessary to accomplish that end, as stated above. 

Not surprisingly, Ryan, a young legislator with considerable experience in making hard choices, taking the correct (but harder) line of reasoning and acting, remained cool under fire and answered fiction with fact. Even though the moderator was obviously biased toward Biden, and aided him in unceremoniously interrupting Ryan, Ryan still managed to get out enough to do damage to Biden’s claims that Obama’s presidency has been successful. Biden’s unbelievably coarse attitude did the rest.

I don’t know about you, but I am definitely looking forward to November. If you are of voting age, be sure to get out and do your duty, because “…if you don’t vote, you can’t complain!”

Anticipating November,

The Southern Voice


5 thoughts on “You Give It to Biden? Really Now…

  1. I enjoyed your remarks on the other blog and again here. Over there, it took only one comment–the one about what a good job the moderator had done–to make me realize that the writer either watched the debate after making up his mind who would “win” or simply did not have enough of a mind to judge the event. As you correctly point out here, Raddatz enabled Biden’s behavior.

    I really should not have had to read that far, but I have a bad habit of skipping titles. “Joe Biden’s Smile”? Anyone who classifies that facial expression as a “smile” is already deeply involved in spin.

  2. Thank you for taking time to read both the original post and my thoughts regarding the same. While I don’t agree entirely with the author of the original article, I have found him to be willing to engage in rational and reasoned discussion regarding this issue, which is a welcome change in this era of “politics by bombardment,” aka, “Everybody that disagrees with me just needs to shut up.”

    I also appreciate you reading both articles because it shows that you are willing to get both sides of the issue. As you will find if you browse my “response” posts, I always include trackback links to original articles and encourage my readers to follow them because I believe that many people do not seek to know both sides of an issue before forming their opinion.

    In retrospect, I think I interpreted some of his sarcastic comments a bit too seriously. However, as I have said, he has been an engaging and interesting fellow with whom to have a discussion.

    Thanks for visiting the site! Hope you enjoyed your time here and will stop by again soon. I visited your blog a moment ago and was intrigued by some of the articles I saw there. I will definitely be checking in again soon.

    Happy Blogging!
    — The Southern Voice Writer

  3. I too read the exchange, to see if he posted your original comment. I guess I’d observe that even though the Joshua calls himself moderate, in my experience most self-identified “moderates” are actually slightly left-center. They’re so used to being bombarded by the constant & multi-faceted liberal headwind against conservatism that they don’t even realize they’re gradually drifting left. Left-center “feels” like the center to them, because they mistakenly still assume the big media outlets are objective…when they’re certainly not.

    You have an articulate courtesy that I invite you to bring over to my discussion area and participate regularly there too.

    – Jeff

    1. Hello Jeff, and welcome! I certainly appreciate that you took the time to read the original post, as well as my post here. As I have mentioned before, I am always glad to engage someone in a reasoned discussion, even if I do not agree with them. As I have also said previously, I am always glad to see that someone is willing to look at both sides of an issue, or to see something from the standpoint of another, even though his mind is already made up. Too often, we see the exact opposite in those who are to the left of the political spectrum. In that regard, I would certainly agree with Mr. Ziefle’s classification of himself as a “moderate,” in that he is still willing to reason and debate with others of opposing views without attempting to shut them down.

      However, I completely agree with you on the big media outlets: they are nowhere near objective. One need look no further than Romney’s poll standings right now to see that the pro-choice, pro-alternative-lifestyle super-majority they so regularly tout is just another in the long line of fabrications they have drawn out of naught but thin air. Your observation on left-center “feeling” like center could not be more apropos…it is spot on. (Should your aim with a firearm be as accurate as your ability to understand the political climate, a burglar would indeed be gambling with his life by breaking into your house!) While a central position is definitely desirable in some aspects of life, there are times when compromise is not an option, and this is my argument against a central position politically.

      I appreciate your comment about articulate courtesy, as well as your invitation to join in the discussions on your blog. I feel (as I would assume that you do) that articulate, courteous, and reasoned debate of the issues at hand is far too small a part of the American political process in the video-friendly, sound-bite-driven age in which, sadly, we now live. I look forward to future discussions!

      — The Southern Voice Writer

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