Welcome to the Community, Brother!

Folks have been taking notice of The Southern Voice over the last few weeks, and I’ve really enjoyed hearing from different folks through the likes, follows, and comments that have come to my site with the increased traffic. I’ve really enjoyed tracking folks back to their blogs and getting a glimpse of their takes on life. It’s been a most interesting time. 🙂

I’ve barely begun to get used to the fact that people are following me on WordPress when BAM! I’ve got an award nomination from one of my newest followers. That’s cool!

I now present the award banner for your viewing enjoyment, in partial fulfillment of the requirements of acceptance of this nomination. (I have written waaaay too many papers and speeches in school.)

Next, I would like to extend my thanks to the one who nominated me, Alexandra of I Started Late and Forgot the Dog. Stage two of the provisos, quid…oh, you know, requirements, is now complete.

Third (and this should be FUN!!), I will now answer the questions provided by the nominator of my blog. Tee-hee! These are great, and I really had fun coming up with answers to them. I’ve striven for a genuine answer, with a humorous touch. Enjoy!

Question: Batman and Leslie Knope are running against each other for POTUS.  Whom would you vote for and why?

Batman, hands down. Why, you ask? Well, to begin with, he is a businessman a capitalist, and a man who believes that an inventor/innovator should have a controlling interest in the company bearing his name. Second, he is an awesome public figure. He has no superpowers, except his uncanny ability to manipulate people by using their fear as a weapon, but he is definitely one bad dude, probably on the level of Chuck Norris. The man is be-awesome, to borrow Rhino’s phrase from Bolt. The clincher for me on this one is Batman’s stance on evil and corruption…he can’t stand it. And let’s be honest for a moment, entrenched corruption is always in need of a good swift kick in the pants, wherever it may be found.

It’s not that I have anything against Leslie Knope. I just don’t know who she is. Sound familiar? (My political bias obtrudes…forgive me.)

Question: Identify and describe your very favorite dessert.

Well, Death by Chocolate, as some call it. BUUUUT…huge qualifier: it has to be homemade. With real chocolate pudding, made from scratch. Real whipped cream. There’s a certain kind of cookie we make, chocolate with peanut butter chips in them? Yessss…homemade cookies, mind. And when it’s all layered into the bowl, over the final layer of whipped cream we sprinkle the super-tiny chocolate chips by Nestle. Oh yes, brother, I did…I went there. Try it…you will return to the norm reluctantly.

Question: In what outfit do you feel most confident and why?

A suit, shirt and tie, with dress shoes that are well-shined. Why that? Because I like looking my best; and, even after years of dissenting theory and indoctrination, people really DO let your clothes say it for you. Perhaps that will turn into a post sometime?

Question: What “good” movie do you hate and why?

Ummm…well. <——- This one stumped me for a while, so that sentence can be taken to represent the sum total of my tortured musings on this subject. However, I would have to say that I hate Gone with the Wind. Stone me if you must, I’ve lived in the South my entire life, but I just cannot get past that movie. Scarlett is so impossible, and yet such a vivid reminder of some people with whom I am “acquainted,” that it ruins it for me.  And Rhett (all due respect to Clark Gable) is a little stuck on himself. So yeah, Gone with the Wind needs to…well, get  gone. 😀

Ok, now I am called upon to nominate my fellow bloggers for this award, because passing it on is part of accepting your nomination. Great!

The Wordslinger — this guy is going somewhere in life, and having fun doing it, from all accounts (the beauty of having your own blog where you are solely responsible for all content there…you control the message and image you present). 🙂

Necessary and Proper Government — Jeff, the owner of this blog, has come to my attention recently through an interesting discussion surrounding my post about the Vice-Presidential Debate (You Give It to Biden? Really Now…). Really enjoy talking to, and reading behind, this gentleman who does his homework and always presents the facts logically with no spin. One of my favorite blogs. Ever.

Things We Make — Now here’s an awesome concept: take 2 writers, talented in many other respects as well; add generous cup of curiosity, heaping cup of creativity, pinch of wit, dash of run-and-find-out, and voila! Things We Make…a great blog about things to eat, brighten up your home, or make the day of someone special to you. Nice. 😀

Since this post is 50 years long already, please, my nominees, feel free to share 6, 7, 0r 11 wonderful, exciting, fun, unusual, interesting, strange, or disturbing facts about yourself. 🙂 Irony is welcome, humor is a great idea, but don’t drop the unqualified, “I have a boring life.” Really? If you do that, I’ll nominate your blog for the brand-new Kill-Joy Award, which you will have had the honor of minting. LOL. All kidding aside, I’m looking forward to learning more about you all. 🙂

Once again, I’m overjoyed to be welcomed to the community in this way. It almost feels like a meet-and-greet where you’re a nervous guest, and suddenly someone walks up to you and says, “Hey man, great to see you here tonight,” as he gives you a hundred-dollar “green handshake.” Bam! Confusion vanishes; confidence emerges.

Thanks again, Alexandra, for nominating me for this award!


2 thoughts on “Welcome to the Community, Brother!

  1. Thanks so much for this very well-organized and well-thought-out response. I especially like your take on Batman. I hadn’t thought as much about his capitalist Bruce Wayne side as I had about his above-the-law Batman side. I’m glad you feel so included/welcomed although I can assure you I’m no blogging big-wig you can slip you even figurative greenbacks. 🙂

    1. Oh, glad to respond! I enjoy interacting with people, even if it is in this way. Looking forward to hearing more from your blog. And although the award came from a “small” blogger, I’m really excited about the possibility of trackbacks from the liebster tag. I did one of my own and followed it through probably thirty tags. (Selfish motive…I had to find out for myself what in the world this award meant. 🙂 I have it from three different blogs that it is in fact for blogs with smaller followings. Thanks again for nominating! 😀

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