With Love, from Jon

I have a great family. I know a lot of folks that don’t get along with the people closest to them, but I get on quite well with my kinfolk.

My littlest brother is the most awesome fellow I know. This little gent, two years old, hit all the right notes this Christmas.


Here you see the guy in question offering someone (probably my sister) a flower. See? He knows what’s up. 😉

Given the large size of our family, it would be rather hard for everyone to get everyone else a decent gift. So to enable everyone to get a few nicer gifts (and to cut down on the post-Christmas clutter, I suppose), my Mom long ago hit on the perfect solution: we draw names from a hat. That way, everyone receives one (or two) nice gifts from another sibling, and Mom and Dad purchase one or two for each child. It means a smaller Christmas, but it works really well.

This year, my awesome little brother drew my name. Oh, one more thing about the drawing: we have to keep the names a secret. Whoever we get, we have to keep it to ourselves and do our own shopping. Normally, someone will be taken into confidence in search of outside ideas for gifts, but on the whole, a great amount of mystery pervades the atmosphere as Christmas draws ever nearer. Even when it came to picking his adviser, Jon had it all figured out. He went to Mom, and the scheming began. Most of my family is pretty good at keeping a confidence, but nobody’s better at it than Mom. She puts everything into the safe, and nobody can take it back out again.

So Christmas morning arrives and I have no idea what’s coming. We all wake up early and open the presents in our stockings, as usual. After a delicious breakfast  of apricot braid bread, we all gather in the living room to listen to my Dad read the Christmas story from the Gospel of Luke before we open the presents under the tree.

The story being read, the fun begins. Dad hands out the gifts one at a time. Suddenly, he tosses me a package from Jonny. I tear off the paper and find a pair of flannel pajama pants. Like I said, Jonny picked his adviser well. 🙂

But that wasn’t it. Five minutes later, another package from Jonny comes my  way. As I take it, it looks like a book; hefts like one. But when I open it, it’s a BIG pack of Stride gum! As in, 15 packs of it! 😀

I am a gum fanatic, and Stride is my favorite kind of gum. So it really made my day to get that from my awesome little brother. Like I said, he knew what was up, and he picked the right person to help him in his gift search.

I still have some gum left, and as I head into the new year, my flannel pajama pants are my favorite attire for relaxing around the house. Yep, I’m glad the two-year-old picked my name this past Christmas.

Who knows? I might even try to rig it where he draws it again this year. 😉


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