New Ideas? Not hardly…

“We need more gun control.”

No one has said this sentence in so few words, so concisely. That’s because politicians make a living by pretending to speak clearly when they’re really using the words they utter to obfuscate and confuse their listeners. But the above sentence has been screamed by bloggers. Tearfully promised by our President. Slavered by news anchor-men and -women, driven berserk by their insatiable lust for the blood of that most hated of all enemies of the retrogressive vision that fuels the raging fire in their souls:

The conservative, law-abiding, independently-minded, self-educated gun owners of this country.

But the slavering, eye-rolling, arm-flailing diatribe in which they specialize is filled to the brim with specious hatred, personal attacks on the character of those who dare to disagree, and flagrant appeals to the emotions of the uninformed masses, who view these delusional guttersnipes as their political saviors. Demagoguery has risen to the level where people from both sides of the political divide look to the chosen few to explain the 200-year-old documents that no common man can read properly. Those who promulgate this preposterous nonsense fail to point out to the constituents they patronize that these documents were written by common men, not “experienced politicians” such as themselves.

Then again, the era in which these documents were written was a different time, as they are quick to point out. This point is conceded: the common man in the 18th century would be highly uncommon in today’s world. The reasons for this are as multitudinous as the symptoms that our country is suffering from a terrible disease; indeed, they are the symptoms of this horrible disease.

Americans are running headlong into the arms of those who would snatch their liberties in order to promote their idea of a better world.

Huge bills, too long to read before they are brought to a vote, are rammed through Congress, and political death threats–though left unspoken–are bathed unmistakably in the light of inferential speeches, should any of those not in the circle of the anointed consider himself intelligent enough to breathe the barest monosyllable of dissent.

To anyone who has read Orwell’s 1984, the similarities are astounding.

Yet, Orwell did not cover the whole spectrum of events now unfolding in America.

Not all Americans have not been forced to surrender these liberties, per se. One who would claim to be able to document these reasons in a few short paragraphs would do so at the risk of becoming a reductionist, so two that intertwine as one example will suffice.

Education has gone to the dogs in this country.

Nearly 47% of Americans survive without rendering any productive service. While this author does not subscribe to the notion of “social responsibility,” only one who totally ignores our national history would be unable to see that this country was not built by those who rely on handouts from the government to provide incentive for life. That’s because handouts don’t provide incentive to succeed.

This country was built by those who worked their fingers to the bone to succeed. It was built by those who scrimped, saved, and–often–educated themselves with the necessary skills to become a productive member of society. It was built, not by those who demanded the respect of their fellow-men because of an imagined intellectual superiority, but by those who earned the respect of their fellow-men by working hard.

Millions of people, besotted by the pleasure of receiving something for nothing, fearing nothing but an unsafe situation, and “educated” in a system that is a shameless front for indoctrination into the new cult of socialistic humanism, quiver with a blind, all-consuming rage when any dare challenge the methods of the plutocrats who have taken charge of the reins of government, snatching them away from the ignorant plebeian wretches who fancy themselves intelligent enough to get involved in the governmental process.

If you don’t believe that the government should control the every breath and moment of John Q. Public’s life, then this means you. If you dare to dissent, even verbally, with the prevailing vision of the elitists in Washington, this means you. If you dare to retain for yourself the power of autonomous decision-making and–ultimately–the power to form your own opinions, this means you. And you are a domestic terrorist.

This, in bold-faced terms, is the self-anointed intelligentsia’s view of you. And me.

No, they wouldn’t dare say that. Not today; such words in today’s political climate would be tantamount to political suicide. But it is what is behind every piece of legislation that takes away the final word from the people. It is the mindset that drives our political leaders in today’s America.

And it is why America is changing. Rapidly. Fundamentally. Perhaps…irrevocably.

As I’ve said, today’s politicians wouldn’t dare say that. But tomorrow?

If only the people who agree with these pueristocrats (men and women in positions of authority who consider themselves vaunted sources of all wisdom and knowledge, and yet behave like spoiled children in office) have the guns, your head will spin to see the rate at which they change their tune. If only those who agree with the government’s “progressive” view, those who wholeheartedly embrace the socialistic gospel of envy, those who drink deeply at the fountain of knowledge and yield themselves completely to the cult of the leader have a voice, this country will die.

And for the past one hundred years, the strategy of the leftist elite has been the same.

Do–or say–whatever necessary to discredit your opponent’s character. No matter what the cost in broken lives, shattered reputations, or sunken careers, do–or say–whatever necessary to stay in power. Coupled with the purposeful emasculation of the education infrastructure of this country, this approach has succeeded beyond the elitists’ wildest hopes.

The reason for the retrogressives’ desperate lust for maintaining the stasis of power among those who subscribe to the vision of the elite is two-fold.

First, power always corrupts. And absolute power still corrupts absolutely. Lord Acton’s words from so long ago still hold true, and cannot be improved upon.

The second reason is as simple as the first. If, by a chance so remote as to border on the mythological, the reins of power ever fell to true conservatives, the high-sounding, pleasant rhetoric of the leftist autocrats would be shown for what it is.

Empty castles in the air. A world that sounds good, and where costs are unimportant, but is impossible to achieve. A fleeting mirage. A non-existent Utopia.

In fact, such a shift in power would not be necessary to illustrate this point. Countless times–throughout human history–these “new ideas” preached by the statists have been tried. Countless times, the policies the self-anointed gods of the Potomac now seek to put in place have been implemented.

Each and every time, these policies have led to the destruction of the most powerful nation on earth.

Communal sharing of privately produced resources, “need-based” distribution of government assistance, price controls, and forcible disarming of civilians have all been previously implemented. With disastrous results. In times as far back as ancient Babylon. In times as recent as Nazi Germany under Hitler in the late 1930’s.

This proves two other old, trite-sounding phrases that have been around for centuries. The first is the Biblical statement, “There is nothing new under the sun.” The second is the old adage, “The only thing we learn from history is that we don’t learn from history.”

What does all this have to do with gun control? In this present age in which we live, government cannot be considered part of the solution to the problem. It must be established, firmly, clearly, and unequivocally, that government is the problem. President Reagan’s words are still true today, and again, cannot be improved upon.

I realize that this is a free country, and that there are people in this country who do not like guns. That is their right. But again, in the words of another old aphorism, “My right to swing my fist ends where your chin begins.” In other words, I am only free to exercise my rights to the extent that they don’t interfere with yours. What are these rights? The Declaration of Independence states that “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights, that among them are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” (Pursuit of happiness was framed after a far more common phrase of the day, “pursuit of property.”) The Bill of Rights states others: freedom of speech, freedom of press, freedom of religion, and the right to keep and bear arms.

I lump all these together for two good reasons. First, they are contained in subsequent amendments in the Constitution. The second is, if one of these rights is compromised or taken, or declared to be null and void, all may be declared null and void. They are of equal importance.

Those who do not like guns are free to refrain from purchasing them. They should not try to use the government, however, to tell me that just because they don’t like guns, I may not own them.

Many men–and more recently, women as well–have fought and died so that I have the right to exercise my freedom of speech by criticizing those in public office. Soldiers in our Armed Forces, countless thousands in World War I and II particularly, paid the ultimate price to protect the world from the machinations of a man who embraced many of the same ideological principles preached by those who consider themselves the “progressive” element of American society and government. Yet conservatives sit wringing their hands, afraid to exercise their right to speak their mind because the left has them convinced that no one agrees with them, anyway.

I agree with far more of the points on the conservatives’ side of many issues than the liberals’. And I, for one, intend to speak out while I still can.

Who am I? I’m just an average citizen, smart enough to understand the documents upon which this country was founded, but not smart enough to question the Founders’ intent the way many of the self-aggrandizing elitists do. Smart enough to know that, no matter how long and how loudly the retrogressives preach their gospel of disarming the populace, it will never be true. Smart enough to know that, if I speak my mind, others may be emboldened to do the same. And smart enough to know that, unless the average voter reengages in the governmental process as the Founders originally intended, this country will never be the same.

In fact, this country may not survive.


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