Creating Echoes

A simple act of kindness, performed at the expense of a single moment, can create an echo that will last a lifetime in the heart of another. When was the last time your actions created such an echo? Does the way you present yourself to the world lead people to love the things for which you stand? Or do people hate the very mention of your name?

These questions should give you pause.

I’m not saying that doing the right thing will make everyone love you. That’s the answer a reductionist would give. In this world in which we live, there will always be folks who can’t stand uprightness. But maybe, just maybe, if you dug down and made a little effort, people might actually respond in kind?

It’s worth a shot.

What if you decided to take a week and make random acts of kindness not so random? What if you went a little out of your way to help someone? Would that kill you?

“But I’m busy,” you moan.

Well, I can understand that. Life has a way of getting us by the throat and running us off our feet, doesn’t it?

Here’s a question I’d like to see discussed: If you are in the habit of “creating echoes,” how do you make time for doing these kind acts?

Another to consider: If you are not already in the habit of performing “random acts of kindness,” what are some ways you can add them to your life?


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