An Invitation: Get the Facts, Join the Debate

Have you ever visited This liberty-minded website carries articles by many well-educated and articulate authors whose views are the exact opposite of many in the mainstream media. And yes, for you conservatives who are convinced that such a person cannot exist, they do, and their numbers are surprisingly high.

If your primary source of news is the television, reading the articles on this site may be quite a shock to your system that’s been acclimatized to the bias and spin the major networks put on their stories; therefore, I recommend that you consider easing into this new routine. Read an article or two a day as a beginning. After a week or two, increase your intake to four or five. After a month, go to ten if you have time. After a couple months, consider signing up for the Townhall Daily email, which will deliver ten to fifteen columns on subjects you specify.

You may have to step out of your comfort zone to begin this process of considering alternative views. Will it be easy? No, probably not. Listening to those who disagree with us on points of opinion is always hard. I’ve addressed people with whom I come in contact on this issue for nearly two years now, and I still struggle to allow someone who disagrees with me have their say in a debate. Reason tells me, however, that doing this is the only way to engage someone in a rational debate and have a chance of changing their mind.

The truth is, while some seem to think that everyone is as set in their ways and opinions as they are, many people haven’t given some of these topics a whole lot of thought. To be successful in engaging and winning over the culture, we must go out and kindly encourage people to consider both sides of an issue before coming to a conclusion.

I’d like to recommend one article as a jumping-off point. Larry Elder has written “‘Gun Culture’ — What About the ‘Fatherless Culture?’” This extremely insightful article that delves past the surface and addresses one of the major issues of American society, and is an example par excellence of the rational and thoughtful analysis behind the columns on this site.

So, my fellow Americans (undecideds, moderates, and liberals alike), let me invite you to consider another point of view: the logical view. Visit today, and let’s begin a journey toward rational, reasoned, logical thought and debate.

I’ve already stepped out on this path…will you join me?


7 thoughts on “An Invitation: Get the Facts, Join the Debate

  1. Thomas Sowell is my favorite TownHall writer. Great thoughts!

    I saw you liked my Facebook page and followed my blog. Not sure how you discovered me – but in doing so, I discovered you! Excited to keep reading your posts!

    1. Thanks, consideragain!

      I discovered you through a comment from Jeff at Necessary and Proper Government, and enjoyed your take on pertinent subjects, so I followed your blog. Looking forward to good posts and discussion!

      The Southern Voice Writer

      1. Fantastic! I’m glad you enjoy it. Feel free to comment on my posts (especially if you disagree). I love discussion! I’ll be reading The Southern Voice consistently as well.


  2. Agreed, Dave.

    Having been raised in a Liberal state/county/town/College, I’m well aware of how easy it is for the Left to completely avoid differing points of view.
    It hardly needs to be deliberate.

    Heck, if they simply don’t listen to some Talk Radio (not including NPR, natch…) or watch FNC, they’re almost guaranteed to hear/read a liberal (or at least a left-of-center) viewpoint from their national news.

    However, the Conservative presence online is growing in reach and scope. In addition to Townhall (which you mentioned), there is: Heritage; Human Events; PJTV; PJ Media; Newsbusters; HotAir; AceOfSpadesHQ; Breitbart; RealClearPolitics; Instapundit; SteynOnline: Commentary Magazine; DailyCaller…
    And there’s plenty more after those, too.

    We, as conservatives, have to wade through the swamp of Progressive ideology, daily. It’s everywhere; there is no avoiding it.
    Thus, we have to go LOOKING for the other side.

    Here’s hoping your more Progressive readers take your advice, and seek to stretch their worldviews a bit.
    Just by virtue of being conservative, WE already have…..

    1. Hello, justturnright, and welcome to the Southern Voice!

      I agree with your assessment of the Progressive ideology as ubiquitous. One of the unfortunate fallacies on the part of conservatives over the last forty years has been to adopt the mindset that the facts will “speak for themselves.” In the face of this ever-present, all-encompassing mass of “liberal gatekeepers” (Jeff’s term for the liberal news media outlets) the facts do not have a chance to speak for themselves.

      You said it correctly: “…if they simply don’t listen to some Talk Radio (not including NPR, natch…) or watch FNC, they’re almost guaranteed to hear/read a liberal (or at least a left-of-center) viewpoint from their national news.” This is exactly the problem: many people don’t listen to the other side. This, coupled with the reports that over the course of the election campaign, CNN was actually accepting monetary compensation for keeping certain “unfavorable” stories dark, means that the media has violated their supposed commitment to being “objective.” :O

      There is no reason for those on the left to refuse to allow the populace to digest the facts, while simultaneously screaming that the conservatives are the “repressive” group. We don’t repress the facts; we report them fairly and allow people to draw their own conclusions. Right?

      Fox News is a far more realistic news channel than CNN and MSNBC, even though many people (the President included) seem to think that it isn’t “newsworthy.” I guess that’s because they’re not used to straight news…everything has to have enough spin on it to be palatable to them.

      Thanks for a thoughtful weigh-in on this subject. Looking forward to future discussions with you!

      The Southern Voice Writer

  3. Thanks! I’m a frequent visitor to your site…I really enjoy reading your (and your sister’s) analysis of current events. I appreciate very much how y’all point out the need to look at a situation/law more thoroughly than accepting it at face value. That’s an important factor in thinking like a conservative.

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