Myths About Lincoln: Interesting Page

Myths About Lincoln: Interesting Page

Here’s an interesting page, originally shared by one of my friends on Facebook. Think you know Lincoln? Think again….most of what Americans think they know about Lincoln is based on one of these six myths. Was Lincoln a great man of integrity? No doubt….but he wasn’t everything the current textbook writers make him out to be. Don’t believe me? Check this page out for yourself! I invite you to reconsider your thoughts and conclusions on this issue.

Abraham Lincoln: Possessed of the greatest mythical reputation of perhaps any President.
Abraham Lincoln: Possessed of the greatest mythical reputation of perhaps any President.

6 thoughts on “Myths About Lincoln: Interesting Page

  1. I’d argue he wasn’t even a man of integrity or honesty but a typical politicians that did whatever suited the end he desired. πŸ™‚ Of course that is me. I recommend reading Thomas J. DiLorenzo’s “The Real Lincoln”

  2. Most of us acquire our impression of Lincoln as school kids, from textbooks. I suppose publicly funded textbooks are no less propaganda than is the Lincoln Memorial. Lincoln had to be canonized because he won the Civil War and died at the perfect time; the War and its aftermath were canonized right along with him.

    Seems to me, the sort of grandeur ascribed to Washington and Lincoln is needed in the American pantheon but it can have little to do with the two human beings who actually held the offices.

    1. Thanks for the comment, Jack!

      Have you read any histories written right after the war, by those who lived through it? The difference is night and day between modern versions of those events and the manuscripts by those who were eyewitness to the bloody conflict.

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