Correction: NASA Article

A good friend of mine (from ConsiderAgain) pointed out the falsity of the NASA article mentioned. This urban legend has been circulating by email since 1999, according to However, just because NASA did not find this missing day does not mean it does not exist. This tale cannot be said to be completely baseless, because the Scriptural accounts upon which it rests are, in fact, true. Whether or not the NASA space program ever discovered this day is irrelevant.

Thanks to all my readers for your continued patronage, and for keeping me accountable! I’m looking forward to the future.



The Southern Voice Writer


5 thoughts on “Correction: NASA Article

      1. It’s insidious.
        Once, it actually changed “hesitant” into “Halloween” on me, which obviously made NO sense whatsoever.

        It’s as if it has a random word generator in it, and it just spins a big wheel.
        I usually catch it, but if I happen to brush against “send” before I’m ready…., well, that’s what happens.

        Oh, well.
        Glad to see you up and around, 247!! I’ll echo what I said earlier: hope to see you back to blogging regularly again, soon…

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