Bloomberg: The Capeless Crusader

Bloomberg: The Capeless Crusader

Bloomberg is a man who never sleeps, apparently.

His zeal for public health and safety is unabated, despite a resounding “No,” from the courts in response to his ridiculous legislation banning large cups and bottles of soda. Now, the “capeless crusader” has turned once again to the item which health crusaders attack most often and most viciously: cigarettes and other forms of smoking tobacco.

The Capeless Crusader: Tireless Defender of Everyone Else's Health
The Capeless Crusader: Tireless Defender of Everyone Else’s Health

Don’t get me wrong: I don’t endorse smoking, nor do I smoke. But neither do I endorse the government-funded war on smoking. My reason for this is simple: smoking is not healthy, it’s true. But neither is eating too much. And the zealots are already turning toward overeating as their next crusade, starting with a seemingly innocuous requirement that restaurants post calorie content of each menu item. Today, require caloric content to be posted. Tomorrow, completely ban the food items that are the unhealthiest.

All that aside, I think the Mayor’s actions speak for themselves. And they say . . .

And they say . . .

Well, what do you think?


10 thoughts on “Bloomberg: The Capeless Crusader

  1. THINK?! Who will think anymore?!?! I’m as concerned about thinking, choice, and self-responsibility as anything else. We will all be mindless zombies before long. I suspect about 52% of the voting population are already.

  2. Nice picture. I can see the tights and cape now. But would rather not.

    I’m reminded of how cigarette taxes are actually a regressive form of taxation. Smokers are disproportionately,poor, working class, and minorities for what that’s worth. If we use the Left’s logic–that Americans are victims of circumstance, or zombies as John suggested–maybe cigarette taxes are unconstitutional under the 14th amendment.

    1. Excellent analysis! Thanks so much for continuing to patronize this blog and add thought-provoking, cogent content to the discussion!

      Yes, the middle-age spread would not be flattered by Spandex, would it?? 😉

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