A Word to My Visitors

Over the past two and a half years, I have really enjoyed watching the following grow on this blog. I’m excited to see that people seem to enjoy what I’m writing enough to return again and again to read my thoughts on different subjects. One of my favorite things about this format is the ability that my readers have to share their thoughts on my posts via the comments.

My goal is to promote an atmosphere that encourages people to share their observations and thoughts when prompted by a post. However, in light of the fact that this is my site, there are a few basic guidelines that I would request be observed when posting a comment:

  1. Please refrain from using vulgar, demeaning, or violent language when posting comments, even when addressing someone with whom you disagree. The goal is to foster an atmosphere that encourages rational, amicable discussion that will provoke others to contemplate the points you raise. Anyone using these types of indecent language is striving, not to raise a question, but to silence or discredit an opposing point of view. Comments of this sort will be deleted.
  2. This is not a commercial site.The comment section of this site is provided as a means of communication between the readers and visitors and the author. While links are permitted and encouraged, particularly if the page to which you link is illustrating your point, please do not take this as permission to post advertisements or links to commercial sites. Such comments will be shunted automatically to the spam comments folder, and shall be treated as such.
  3. Your profile’s contents will determine your comments’ lifespan on this site. Please note that any profiles containing links of any sort to sites that are inappropriate will be summarily deleted. Links to sites promoting criminal, illegal, questionable, or lewd conduct will not be tolerated. No exceptions.

I trust these guidelines will answer any questions you may have. Should you find it necessary to request further detail, you may message the admin at craindavid@rocketmail.com

Thanks for reading, thanks for following, and thanks for commenting!



Photo credit: http://photographybyrachel.wordpress.com/ taken by administrator of that site.

–The Southern Voice Admin


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